An Amazing and Unexpected Journey 

My husband of 7 years, Doug and I have started the process of becoming foster parents. This is a decision that we have been talking about off and on for a couple years and we finally decided to take the jump! 
Our first meeting with our foster coordinator was very relaxed. She made us feel incredibly comfortable to ask questions and we really enjoyed learning more about the whole application process. She gave us a giant folder of paper work to fill out and that night we sat down and filled it all out. We were expecting it to all be just boring demographics sheets and basic info but the personal questionnaires about our family relationships and each other turned out to be a really fun activity for us to do together. We read them out loud and gave our answers to each other. We laughed and joked around and it was a really fun way to spend the evening together. We were pleasantly surprised that we were able to enjoy paperwork so much. 
The next day we went out and got all of the documents we needed for the application as well. That took a couple hours. We have completed a large portion of the application and have most of the documents that we need as well. We are so excited to start our training that we knocked out as much paperwork as possible in two days. Then we dropped it all off. We are waiting for our foster coordinator to review it all and let us know what else we need from here. 
We are both so very excited about this amazing journey together. We have already started buying books for a book collection. We really feel like foster parenting may be the reason things have worked out the way they have so far with our recurrent miscarriages and fertility issues. Maybe if things hadn’t worked out this way we would never have considered foster care. You just never know. Things usually work out the way they should eventually and we both really feel like this is our new path. Our very own, custom made stairway to heaven.